We offer our customers diverse packaging solutions. We are happy to tailor these to your needs and advise you individually.

Quattro Sealed Bags

One of our state-of-the-art tubular bag machines is equipped with a Quattro Seal unit. Due to the elegant and fused folds, the finished bag has good stability on the shelf.

With different types of films from opaque to highly transparent, your products are packed individually according to your wishes and requirements.

Front and back labels as well as a resealable label on the side are applied automatically.

This type of packaging guarantees flexibility and is therefore also suitable for smaller batches.

Doy Zip Pack

Thanks to our self-developed trio packaging machine, we can offer automated packaging of Doy Zip Packs.

These high-quality bags are manufactured in different sizes and using different films depending on the product requirements. They are individually printed according to your requirements – matt, glossy, with or without a viewing window.

Doy Zip Packs have a superior seal, free-standing stability and an inlaid zipper allowing for practical resealing.

Composite Cans

Thanks to their excellent barrier properties, printed composite cans are particularly suitable for products that require a high degree of odour and moisture protection.

Food safety measures including the tamper-evident seal and the inclusion of resealable lids are superb additions for your high-quality food.

We offer composite cans in 2 different sizes.

Printed Film

The classic solution for large batches is the printed tubular film bag.

Due to the folding of our filling machine, this packaging has superb stability on the shelf and can be graphically designed to suit your product and requirements (with a viewing window, fully printed, glossy or matt).

To ensure sustainability, materials that are 98% recyclable can be used.

Different sizes ranging from small packs of 50g to larger packs of 1000g are available.